Congratulations - You Have Just Discovered ContraGel, The UK's Natural Alternative To Spermicide!

RDO Medical is proud to be the exclusive distributor of ContraGel in the UK along with other relevant products that allow our customers and patients to practice hormone free contraception.


Before we progress, lets clarify one key point which raises many questions. Technically, ContraGel is not classed as a spermicide. A "traditional spermicide" would typically contain a microbicide like Nonoxynol 9 which breaks down cell walls. When it breaks down the cell walls of the sperm they are dead. Very dead. But unfortunately the power of such active ingredients is too much for the cell walls of the skin and as a result the skin cells are damaged. Abrasions occur. The weakened and damaged skin in the genitil area increases the risks of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV being transmitted. ContraGel thankfully is totally free from Nonoxynol 9 but as a result isn't classed as a spermicide per-se, rather a contraceptive gel.


We have learned from many years of experience that there are many couples who would like to use a barrier contraceptive such as a diaphragm or cervical cap but irritations caused by "traditional spermicide" exclude them from using their preferred method of contraception. We aim to do our bit to help these couples by offering ContraGel as a natural alternative to these irritating spermicides.


Our product range of non hormonal contraceptive products was once considered niche, minority and specialist. Through many years of hard work and through sponsoring educational programmes through the Ethical Family Planning Association we have now bought these products into the mainstream where they belong.


Quality & Innovation


Productos Medintim

We are proud distributors of the Medintim range of innovative sexual health products.


Based in Germany, Medintim gained global recognition through ContraGel, the natural alternative to spermicide which has given a new advance in the barrier contraceptive market.


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Hormone Free Contraception


FemCap Cervical Cap

The FemCap is a non hormonal, instantly reversible, barrier contraceptive, approved by the FDA and CE as well as being prescribed by the NHS.


As a cervical cap it helps prevent sperm reaching the uterus in order to reduce the risk of pregnancy in fertile women during their Fertility Window.

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Vegan and Organic

YES Lubricants

YES Organic and Vegan Lubricants YES

YES water based lubricants are compatible with ContraGel, vegan condoms and FemCap.  They are made from all natural ingredients, are completely chemical free, organic and totally vegan.


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Intimate Hygeine

Pjur Med

Intimate Hygiene Products from PjurMed

Based in Luxemburgo, Pjur Group has a manufacturing centre in Germany and worldwide distribution.


Pjur Med products are well designed and well thought through and add and extra level of sales to barrier contraceptive and sex toy sales.


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Beautifully Vegan

French Letter Condoms

Condones Veganos

These Fair Trade condoms contain no animal by-products and combine quality with value for money.


The packaging is "female friendly" which is somewhat unique in the sector.


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Natural & Intimate


Natracare Feminine Hygiene Products

Natracare is an award winning British company.


Using organically sources materials and without using bleaching agents, their feminine hygiene products help avoid irritations and allergic reactions in their users, whilst saving the planet./p>

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Women from all over the world are now discovering ContraGel as a natural alternative to spermicide. Read through their experiences in using ContraGel which in many cases has enabled them to use their chosen form of contraceptive, the barrier.



I heard about Contragel by searching on Google for natural alternatives to chemical based birth control options. It is very difficult to get birth control in New Zealand that is not synthetic, unnatural and potentially damaging long term. I have had a lot of trouble with side effects from birth control pills and suffered many years from infections due to allergies from the copper in IUDs. Since being off the pill the changes have been no less than incredible! I have more energy, feel less bloated and I am no longer a roller coaster of emotions.  It seems many women are looking at safe, natural and re-usable options.




"I found this website after searching and searching for a spermicide that does not contain nonoxynol-9. I cannot take birth control that has hormones in it and I am also allergic to latex. I decided to try a spermicide here in the United States and unfortunately the nonoxynol-9 seemed to be very irritating and has resulted in two terrible UTIs this month. I found through my online research that a lot of women are having the same issues with this ingredient in spermicides. Sadly, the only option in the United States for spermicide has n-9 in it. I wish something would be done about this. I find it very dangerous to women's health. So, I found another option online! I don't want to have a child soon and I do not want to go through the pain anymore."




“I was getting UTI’s from N-9 spermicides and am unable to use hormonal forms of birth control.  With little other option, I started researching natural forms of birth control online and came across ContraGel on a discussion board.  What a lifesaver!  No more UTI’s and my partner and I don’t have to wear uncomfortable condoms!”




"My partner and I are really into natural solutions when it comes to health and the body.  We found out about Contragel being the first and only 100% natural solution. Your price was cheaper than anywhere else I was able to find. Thanks!"




"It has been impossible to get any type of spermicide in Australia for the last 12 months ever since Gynol was taken off the market.  I am sure this must be affecting many women across Australia who use a diaphragm or cervical cap like me.  I asked many chemists and doctors and no one knew where I could get any spermicide.  I even had chemists ring every supplier they knew.  This makes nonsense of the fact that most birth control pamphlets and books still mention the option of a diaphragm with spermicide. It is in fact no longer an option for women in Australia.

I had been getting by with a home-made spermicide but I’ve been concerned regarding its reliability. ContraGel seems to be just what I was looking for after having grabbed some on my last trip back to the UK!

I mention all this in case there is a way of you supplying the Australian market. I am sure there would be many women who would be grateful." 




"The N9 gels burn me but I didn`t feel any discomfort with the ContraGel..."



“After finally getting off the pill and switching to cervical barrier methods, I wanted to keep in-line with the whole natural thing, so chemically-packed spermicides weren’t going to work for me.  One of my health-nut friends told me about ContraGel and I was totally sold.  Works like a charm, and I’m not subjecting myself to all the risks associated with N-9!” 



" ....I am having problems with the current spermicide I'm using, so I did an internet search for an alternative. I am determined to keep using my FemCap, which I love, but hope the new spermicide will solve the issues I've been having. Thanks for the quick order processing!"



"...I tried the Today Sponge, it's a really good idea but either because of the chemicals or leaving it inside for so long, I just kept feeling itchy. I now use a Fem-Cap and ContraGel and I feel fine. Thanks a lot.."



“The studies conducted about N-9 were really alarming and I was looking for an happy I found your site!  Somehow, your shipping costs are the lowest too!”




"I use ContraGel with a diaphragm. I switched from Nonoxynol 9 based spermicide because of a desire to use more natural products. I have been very diligent about food that I eat as well as beauty products being natural for the last few years. It didn’t make sense to be using such unnatural chemicals inside my body. Thank you for offering this product."




"I got an Ortho-diaphragm a few months ago while living in New Zealand and could not find any spermicide for it. I found out that it had been difficult to find anymore. I joined a Yahoo group that was for women interested in diaphragms and Femcaps and heard about ContraGel through the discussions on spermicides and alternatives and that it was possible to order online."




I have awful reactions to regular spermicide and after one too many visits for meds I was desperate to find something. I’m so happy to have found a new natural alternative.




"Nonoxynol-9 is obnoxious! It was absolutely unbelievable to me that there weren't other options available..."




"I found out about Contragel after doing much research into natural BC methods. I've decided to opt for the diaphragm along with NFP and wanted a safe spermicide. I found various forums where people recommend it and it is promoted on the Yahoo group "DiaphragmsandCaps". They actually order via a gynaecologist in Harley Street who orders from Germany in 100ml tubes. They call theirs Femprotect which I believe is slightly different but essentially the same idea (Lactic acid-based). I found your website and decided to order from you as it worked out better value by the ml!"




“I’m extremely sensitive and anything with lots of chemicals always causes rashes, so regular spermicide is completely out of the question for me.  I’d been wanting to use FemCap for a while and finally can now with ContraGel!”




"We've all got to go natural at some point...."




"For several months, I have been researching alternative forms of birth control that do not involve pills, shots, or surgery. The Femcap plus the Contragel is just what I was looking for. It's a real pity that doctors don't take the time to do research regarding current forms of birth control for women; all they seem to want to do is prescribe the pill and send me on my way. My mother died of breast cancer and my father died of a heart attack.  Therefore, the pill and other forms of hormonal birth control aren’t a good idea. Thank you again for making these products available to informed consumers!"