ContraGel Natural Spermicide Alternative

All diaphragms and cervical caps must be used with a contraceptive gel— choose ContraGel instead of N-9 based spermicide.

Keep your natural contraceptive plan natural!

ContraGel is available without a prescription.

Large 60ml tube provides more applications than leading typical spermicide brands.

ContraGel is water-based and gentle on the vagina. Effective with silicone and natural latex rubber barriers.

ContraGel Ingredients


Lactic Acid

Sodium Lactate (dairy-free)

Methyl Cellulose

Sorbic Acid


How ContraGel Works

  • The thick gel allows your barrier contraceptive to seal around the cervix and vagina more effectively.
  • The viscous consistency creates a physical barrier to the cervix.
  • The lactic acid reduces ph-value of vaginal mucus making it inhospitable to sperm.

ContraGel Quick Guide

Before inserting the diaphragm or cervical cap into your vaginal canal, squeeze about 3ml of ContraGel into the dome of the diaphragm or the dome and brim of the cervical cap.

Then fold and slide the diaphragm or cervical cap into your vaginal canal.

The tip of your cervix should be resting in the gel, and the barrier should be completely covering the cervix. The cervix is now blocked twice: first by the silicone membrane of the barrier, then by the gel.

The two physical barriers prevent sperm from entering the cervix. If sperm does pass the silicone barrier and come in contact with ContraGel, the ContraGel stops it progressing into the cervix and uterus.

Important: Always refer to the instructions on each individual diaphragm or cervical cap to ensure proper use.

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